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Rejecting The Gay and Lesbian Agenda

Rejecting The Gay and Lesbian Agenda
(Writen in 2011, but first published in 2012)

On July 24th, 2011, the State of New York legalized gay and lesbian marriages aka same sex marriages. There were outbursts of laughter, celebrations and same sex partners were lining up outside New York churches to get married. Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York even presided over the wedding ceremony of two of his top aides. This has sparked world wide debate, specifically in the Bahamas. Proponents of gay marriages are saying that they want equality and they want to be recognized by law. But how can we give equality to an agenda that is flawed and in my view wrong?


Gays and lesbians have been around since the beginning of time. But never before has this agenda of equality and acceptance been pushed so vigorously. Additionally, this is not the first time in history that persons with views contrary to the norm tried to impose their will on society.


Up to the 19th century, Africans were removed from their homeland and sold into slavery. The white slave master believed that blacks were dumb and stupid and could do nothing else but be enslaved. The enslavement of Black People was wrong from the start and eventually, the “powers that be’ made this practice illegal on August 1, 1834. The effects of this evil act are still alive and well today because many Black people are still enslaved, albeit mentally.


In 1954, the US Supreme Court unanimously outlawed segregation in public schools. Even though the struggle continues for many blacks in America to receive an education comparable to his or her “white” counterpart, a fundamental wrong was righted and even though segregation now exists more than ever in other forms, a step was taken to preserve human rights in America. In my view this was the correct decision.


And now enter the gay and lesbian activists. Their struggle has nothing to do with race and as a result we now have blacks and whites fighting in unison to further their cause. They believe that their “struggles” can be compared to the aforementioned events listed above and that the equality that they seek is a basic human right. The term equality has taken on different meanings in recent times because of society’s ever changing views. However, their cause is only adding to a long laundry list of other harmful behavior that is decaying our society and indeed the world.


I admit that the government or the society cannot police what people do in their homes. But there is a reason why some things should not be legal or given the air of legality. Men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women in my view are acts that are immoral and should be condemned whether in private or in public in the highest order. Married men and married women who cheat on their spouses should be condemned. Heterosexuals who engage in sexual activity before marriage should be condemned. Single parent homes with mothers or fathers should not be encouraged. Aren’t all these acts contrary to God’s teachings? Collectively, these acts and or lifestyles invariably contribute to society’s decadence and imbalance.


Society’s liberal views and lifestyles have opened up a whole new can of worms in recent times. We have become desensitized to care about murder victims, armed robbery victims and even people who loose their homes. We have become a society that does not mourn for ourselves or each other and as long as it does not happen to us we convince ourselves that we are ok. We have ceased to confront problems head on but rather we speak about them in a “hush hush” way and expect them to just go away.


We are also now through very careful public campaigns and by way of television programs being desensitized about the immorality of the gay and lesbian agenda and advocates worldwide and indeed in the Bahamas are pushing their agenda in the hopes that lawmakers will pass laws to accommodate the alternate lifestyles that they have chosen. As usual, when confronted with tough issues Bahamians collectively sit back and let the “games go on”.


The Reverend Simeon Hall has strongly advocated against gay and lesbian behavior for some years now. Last year, he called for MSM (Men having sex with men) to come forward so that they could be prayed for. While this is admirable and the right thing to do, the good reverend must also realize that in his capacity, he should just as strongly be condemning fornication on all levels and praying for all that fornicate. The message should be clear and balanced. After all, are we not a Christian nation?


Inscribed on all United States paper notes and coins are the words “In God We Trust”. But yet laws are being passed in the US that goes contrary to the meaning of those words. In the Preamble to the Bahamian Constitution it says “and an abiding respect for Christian values and the Rule of law”.  But yet we in the Bahamas have supported in principle a very controversial United Nation resolution that affirms equal rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender. I believe that this vote goes contrary to our Christian principles. I am also made to understand that we have given ship captains the lawful right to marry persons on the high seas with no distinction being made between male and female. I decry that if thus is a truth, this is a shameful act.


The actions of some churches have further confused some of our citizenry and given some of them the “green light” to carry on with their immoral behavior. Sinners are rampant in the church, but yet they are allowed to sit on church boards, testify to unsaved members and sing in the choir. It baffles me how the church is using the name of the Lord to sanction gay and lesbian marriages when God has clearly stated that marriage is between a man and a woman and that we as humans should procreate.


I speak to and interact with persons of all sexual persuasions daily. This is a normal routine in today’s world. But I cannot support the actions of any one engaged in sexual activities that goes contrary to God’s will. It is wrong. Dead wrong.


We need to get back to the basics. Right can never be wrong and wrong can never be right. Will we next have a group advocating for marriage to ten year olds? I listened to Aaron Green, a gay and lesbian activist and I was utterly impressed with her level of intelligence. She was commenting on Bishop Hall’s statement on MSM’s high rate for contracting the HIV virus. She said that Bishop Hall needs to focus on the behavior of all sexually active people as opposed to just one group. I believe that she made a valid point, but I cannot agree with the lifestyle that she supposedly supports.


Some will say that the liberalization of the gay and lesbian marriage agenda will add to our tourism figures, being that a lot of our visitors come from New York who last year legalized gay and lesbian marriages. This may be true but someone once said that if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. The line where we stand in the Bahamas should not be drawn in the sand but it has to be chiseled in concrete.


The gay and lesbian agenda goes contrary to humanity’s moral and survival code. Activists are using great penmanship and campaigns to try to convince the majority of citizens of the world to accept their alternate lifestyle, but deep down, most of us still have a good sense of good and moral behavior. And we need not only tell our children the difference between right and wrong, but we have to show them as well.


I firmly believe that we should be condemning “scheming” between men and women just as we are condemning gay and lesbian activities. Our values have deteriorated as a people and as a world. Jean Toomer said that “Acceptance of prevailing standards often means we have no standards of our own”.


Are we to keep shifting the stake and let the chips fall where they may? Or are we going to get back on track and enforce the values and moral systems that we as Bahamians know to be Godly and Christian-like?


Dehavilland Moss

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