Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PM's comments on Mayaguana tragedy shameful

PM's comments on Mayaguana tragedy shameful

Tragically three Bahamians recently lost their lives at the airport in Mayaguana. Reports indicate that an emergency flight was landing at the airport in an attempt to pick up a sick patient who needed urgent medical attention.

The Nassau Guardian broadcast stated that the wing from the plane hit a parked Ford vehicle that was too close to the run way. The truck burst into flames immediately and the three persons inside the vehicle met their untimely demise.

My spirits were lifted this afternoon when watching the news and realizing that Prime Minister Perry Christie was making a statement about the tragedy. I initially thought that the families would be comforted by the fact that the nation’s chief was issuing his condolences. But then the interview took a turn for the worse and I heard the prime minister talking about the I Group and the Free National Movement (FNM).

You “got to be shitting me” was my reaction. In the midst of this tragedy the PM is casting blame on the FNM and alluding to what the FNM did in 2007 when they came to office.

Let me remind Christie that he is the duly elected Prime Minister of the Bahamas and the only administration he should fault for this tragedy is his own. He has been at the helm since May of last year. A big portion of the fault lays at his feet that something as basic as lights were not installed on this airport runway.

Our political leaders need to stop this nonsense in our country by taking the easy road and blaming someone else when something goes wrong. In the wake of the tragedy, I heard Aviation Minister Glennys Hanna Martin say that lights will be installed in a few weeks.

This is indeed a tragic national event, but one that was 100% avoidable. I offer my condolences to the family of the victims and the greater Mayaguana community at large.

I find the prime minister’s interview to be shameful, offensive and downright a national disgrace. To politicize this matter is utter madness. Let’s get on with building our country not keeping it divided through petty party politics.

Dehavilland Moss

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