Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dr. Hubert Minnis and the FNM are on point

Dr. Hubert Minnis and the FNM are on point

I read the published report of the interview with the current Free National Movement (FNM) leader Dr. Hubert Minnis regarding the FNM’s response to the proposed referendum on gambling. I was pleasantly surprised by his response and how he articulated his thoughts.

I have read several articles on the gambling issue and it was good to read the official’s opposition’s stance at this critical juncture. No skirting around and foolish talk, Minnis was very succinct and level headed.

The FNM said that the proposed referendum was illegal and they gave evidence supporting this claim. They said that the parliamentary commissioner has the power to do several things and that holding an opinion poll was not one of them.

The tone of Minnis and his party was balanced and I believe they were not objecting to what the Progressive Liberal party (PLP) was doing, just for objection sake.  Minnis said the FNM party will not support the referendum/opinion poll on December 3rd as it currently stands and the reasons he listed were as clear as a sunny day.

I am sure the average Bahamian, who read or heard the FNM’s response, has a better understanding of the current referendum/opinion poll that will supposedly happen on December 3rd, this year. I certainly have an even clearer understanding of the gambling issue.

In my view, this is a great example of what the opposition should be doing; picking up the slack and ensuring that the Bahamian people are made aware of the loopholes that may exist in the government’s agenda or in government action or lack thereof.

Kudos to you sir and the FNM.

Dehavilland Moss

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