Saturday, December 1, 2012

Perfecting Hypocrisy

I was utterly stunned on Friday. September 28th, 2012 when I read the Nassau Guardian’s top story, “Some FNMs accepted web shop donations”. The headline did not surprise me but indeed the story gave me a deeper look into the mind of our former prime minister.

He willingly admitted that some Free National Movement (FNM) candidates received campaign contributions from web shops and that he found out about it late. Later on in his statement he also said that the Free National Movement did not receive any donations from web shops.

I am very concerned at the ex- prime minister’s statements because it implies several things.

First of all, can he please advise the Bahamian public on what he has done so far to ensure that these candidates are brought before the courts?

Secondly, the former prime minister from his statement has concluded that candidates that the FNM certified are separate from the FNM party. Mr. Ingraham must have misspoken in this regard because if he truly expects right thinking Bahamians to believe this idiotic argument then I pray God for our country. Is Mr. Ingraham of the belief that all Bahamians are “slow” and retarded?

There is no strict laws governing campaign contributions in the Bahamas and intentionally so. No prime minister has ever been serious about this issue because their intent is to keep power and prosperity in the hands of a few. Politicians know that money wins elections and a lot of the money comes from questionable sources. Do you really believe that any prime minister of the Bahamas will tackle this issue?

The selling of numbers is supposed to be illegal in the Bahamas and if candidates vying for the government of the country accepts campaign contributions from the proceeds of an illegal numbers industry then our democracy is tainted. How can we seriously expect our law makers to abide by and enforce the laws of the country when they themselves are actively and openly engaged in illegal activity?

I think that the former prime minister’s statement is provocative, nonsensical and cause for the commissioner of police to open an active criminal investigation.

Mr. Perry Christie, I say to you sir that the Bahamian people are watching your every move. It is not whether you are a Progressive Liberal Party supporter or a Free National Movement supporter. It boils down to what is right and legal and the government’s will to strengthen some laws that are antiquated. The former prime minister has publicly admitted to knowing about acts that are illegal. Will you be a part of this perfected hypocrisy or will you ensure to enforce the laws of the country?

Dehavilland Moss

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