Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The same old Christie

The same old Christie

The media is reporting that the embattled Director of the National Insurance Board (NIB), Algernon Cargill in his court affidavit set out evidence that the prime minister was well aware of the dispute raging on in this establishment. Contrary to what Prime Minister Christie is now saying, I think that there is indisputable proof that he was aware of the fiasco at NIB, but apparently did nothing to bring this matter under control.

Even opposition leader, Dr, Hubert Minnis made mention to remarks he himself made in the house of assembly about this issue when Christie was present and accounted for, so the Prime Minister should have been fully briefed. Cargill contends that he wrote a letter to Christie asking him to intervene in the NIB dispute and he requested a meeting to discuss the matter further. Cargill charges that there was misconduct by Gregory Moss, the NIB Chairman. This is a most serious allegation that should have compelled the Prime minister to act promptly. Cargill contends that Christie in what is sadly becoming his custom did not even reply to his letter. Surprise, surprise is what some might say.

Is the PM now in the early stages of memory loss or is he back to his old style of apparent political incompetence and believing that things will work themselves out? I believe there is much more to this issue that meets the eye and Christie needs to stop pandering to misconduct and like some would say, “Man Up”.

Christie must know by now that his eloquent speeches and legendary rhetoric are not fooling anyone these days. He is the commander in chief and Bahamians expect him to ask as such. It is this passiveness in judgment and pervasive hands off approach that could define Christie’s legacy. He appears politically incompetent because of his repeated failure to act decisively, despite having all the information he needs to make the tough decisions. Bahamians are still seeing the same old Christie.

Dehavilland Moss

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